The Carpet Bagger Split 12"

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The Carpet Bagger Split 12"


This is the first 12" record form LRS Records. It is a collaborative effort with Alabama Independent Music. The 14-track compilation features 3-4 songs from The Devil's Got a Hold On Me, Johnny! Bad Touch, Pirate Nights and Jackpot Justice. The Records is limited to 200 copies on half purple, half green colored vinyl.

Side A:

Devil's Got a Hold On Me
1- In The End
2- Now She's A Whore
3- Open Wounds
4- Out of Touch
Johnny! Bad Touch
5- 2-Tone Charlie
6- Mary
7- Punk Rock Blues

Side B

Jackpot Justice
1- Feeling Sick
2- Fuck Fairview
3- 3650 Lincoln Street
4- XYZ
Pirate Nights
5- 9 Ball
6- Hate
7- Seduced By A Dog

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