Punk rock and post-hardcore inspired by the sounds of the 90's and early 2000's.  Bridge Under Fire combines the sound of crisp guitar leads with raw vocals that emote energy, frustration and passion. 


Don't let the horns fool you.  The Action! is the Swiss army knife of bands.  Delivering rock, ska, pop, punk, and so much more.  With close to 20-years of experience of playing together The Action! own every stage they step onto and will get every wallflower on the dance floor.


Participation Trophy is a folk-punk band who's lyrics tackle the darker topics of life.  With a sound that can go from a small sounding acoustic guitar to a room filling rock band, they span the spectrum from folk to punk and leave no stone un-turned along the way.


Punk, emo, and post-hardcore all rolled into one.  Goodnight Forever is a more mature sounding band than most bands of those genres.  A Goodnight Forever record is an experience to take in and take to heart. 


The blues are alive and well, and will melt your face with feelings and soul.  Matthew Blake captains his team of blues-men as they take audiences through the entire spectrum of the blues.  Never shying away from traditional 12-bar-blues, The Blues Dragons explore riff-rock, psychedelia, and experimental jazz and so much more!


Are they a bird? A plane? No, they're the Amazing Shakes and they're here to save your world using the power of rock n' roll.  A team of super heroes who utilize their powers of surf-rock, rhythm and blues, and new wave to save you from zombies, werewolves and sub-par music.  


An alternative to the alternative.  Against The Giants is working class rock n' roll.  With a strong influence of 90's college alternative radio Against The Giants utilizes vocal harmonies and upbeat songwriting to tell you stories through song.