Ronnie Crawford- Who Is Ronnie Crawford 7"

ronnie crawford red cover.jpeg
ronnie crawford red cover.jpeg

Ronnie Crawford- Who Is Ronnie Crawford 7"


L.R.S. enters the world of reissues with this disc of never before heard lost recordings of the legendary Ronnie Crawford. With a timeless sound of falsetto heart felt vocals and the moody eclectic guitar playing, this record captures Ronnie at his best. It includes the songs "Undone"' "Written in the Stars" and more! There have been an ever increasing amount of Ronnie Crawford sightings as of late. Strangly coinciding with this release.

Like all L.R.S. Releases, this one will come with a digital download of the 4 songs on the record, plus a bonus 5th

This record is limited to 300 copies (200 on black vinyl & 100 on red vinyl)

Track list:
A1- Dreams in Dreams
A2- Reveal You
B1- Saving My Love
B2- Undone
Bonus Download- Written in the Stars

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