L.R.S. Records is an independent record label from Syracuse, NY.  The label was created by Mark Turley and Nic Oliver and released its first record in January of 2013.  Since then the label has released over 20 records on a variety of formats including 7, 10, and 12" vinyl, cassette tape, CD and various digital formats. 


Since its formation, L.R.S. has achieved notoriety in the Central, NY community and beyond including a featured cover story in The Newtimes, and multiple Syracuse Area Music Award Nominations (Department- Aporia, and The Action!- Monumental Instrumentals). 


L.R.S. has released music by bands from a variety of styles.  the only underlying connection is that we love their music.  L.R.S. Records has released music from young bands such as Shore Acres Drive when they had only been together a little over a year, to 17-year veterans The Action!  Stylistically, our bands couldn't be more different.  In 2015, L.R.S. released 10 albums ranging from a lofi/indie sound (The Nudes) to destructively heavy (Bleak / Sovereign) to pop-rock (The Action!) to punk rock from Greece (Bat Signal),to a compilation of local L.R.S. supporters (L.R.S. Records open Mic Night Compilation). 

The band's on L.R.S. Records have played in just about all of the lower 48-states and parts of Canada.