Stop by the New York State Fair this year and catch some LRS Records artists and friends playing on board the Yellow Fellow, a 16-person bar bicycle (made in Syracuse, NY) that will tour the fair.

Aug. 25- Judge Gazza 7-9pm
Aug. 26- Telegraph Hill 7-9pm
Aug. 27- Matthew Blake 7-8 Trevor Grant 8-9pm
Aug. 28- All Poets & Heroes 7-9pm
Aug. 29- Operation Hennessey 7-8pm David Montanye 8-9pm
Aug. 30- My So-Called Band 7-8pm TBA 8-9pm
Aug. 31- Mountains and Valleys 7-9pm
Sep. 1- TBA 7-8 Steel Guapo 8-9pm
Sep. 2- Anormus Johnsun 7-9pm
Sep. 3- Stephen Douglas Wolfe 7-8pm Taryn Suprenant 8-9pm
Sep. 4- Supa'nova 7-8pm Late Earth 8-9pm
Sep. 5- Mattydale Music Collective 7-8pm TBA 8-9pm