Who is L.R.S.?

L.R.S. is an independent record label based out of Syracuse, NY featuring a wide variety of bands from all over the globe.  Serving as both an international music cooperative as well as a source for new artists to release their favorite music. 

What do you do?

L.R.S. Records releases music from bands we like that we think you might like.  We specialize in releasing vinyl, but have also released music on CD, cassette tape, digital download and more.  L.R.S. has also been known to host shows for bands touring through the area on occasion.  We also host a monthly open mic night (every third Monday at 8pm) at Roji Tea Lounge in downtown Syracuse, NY

What don't you do?

If you are looking to record your project, you should contact a recording studio (ask us, we know some).  If you are looking to get you album reviewed, you should contact a press agent.  If you want to play more shows, call a venue, to setup a show and ask your friends to play.  If you are looking to tour, you should get a booking agent. 

We have some experience in all of these fields, but a lot of things we do, you could do yourself.  Making records tends to take up a lot of our time, so we don't book that many shows.  We are always available for advice and consultation.  We love helping people who want to help themselves. 

How do I get signed?

We are always accepting submissions from new artists.  You should know that L.R.S. does not operate like a traditional record label.  We do not "sign bands" in a traditional sense where bands belong to the label and are contractually obligated to multiple releases on the label.  We always want to hear your band and try to listen to everything that is sent to us.  A good way to get in touch is to invite us to come watch you play a show, or come to a show that L.R.S. is hosting and talk to us.  the internet is great, but we prefer to do business with people face to face.  Another way to make sure we hear your band is to come to our open mic night every 3rd Monday at Roji Tea Lounge in Syracuse, NY.  I

Who are you looking for?

The best advice I ever heard was "Labels want to help bands, who help themselves."  The more you can do, the more we want to work with you.  L.R.S. is looking for creative artists who understand that business is a partnership.  Obviously, songs come first and we all love music, but we want to work with bands who want to grow.  Our label cannot do everything for you, nor do we expect you to go it alone.  A keen understanding of this relationship is a great step towards a future with L.R.S. Records

Where are you located?

Syracuse, NY.  But the bands we work with (who are way more entertaining live) are from all over the world, and tour constantly.

How can I schedule a meeting?

The best way is to swing by our Open Mic Night (every third Monday at Roji Tea Lounge in Syracuse).  We will be there listening to music and hanging out, and it is a great way to get your foot in the door.  If you would like to schedule a meeting, please email mark@lrsrecords.com or nic@lrsrecords.com, answer our questionnaire and we will be in contact.  

What can you do for me?

If you feel that you've taken your project as far as you can and now need label support we can release your record on a variety of formats and help with sales and distribution.  We have a variety of contacts that are useful to bands looking to further their career, and love spreading good music.  If you are interested in LRS or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.