Spooky Candy

A Syracuse-based band featuring "Surly" Dylan Suttles and members of Bridge Under Fire, Matthew Blake and the Blues Dragons and Operation Hennessey


Bridge Under Fire

A Syracuse-based post-hardcore band that blends gravely sing-along choruses with buzz-saw guitars.


The Slaughterhouse Chorus

Albany’s favorite folk-punk hybrid.  Fast songs with  twang and grit.


Henry’s Rifle

A one-man-rock n’ roll band from NY’s Capitol region.  Banjo, guitar, a stomping beat and a voice like a blues legend.



A hybrid of indie rock, punk and math.  Dual vocals accentuate the time signature jumps and dueling guitar lines.


The Action!

Are they pop?  Ska?   Rock?  Everything?  They’re definitely the band you want to play your next party.


Dave Mallon

Syracuse-based singer songwriter who combines blue collar ethics with a meaningful delivery.


Bat Signal

Misfits style punk rock hailing from Greece.


Art-rock from Western Mass.  Blending every style you can think of and inventing a few in the process.


Operation Henessey 

A project for everyone.  Learn the songs, and join the band at any show. 


The Nudes

Lo-fi indie rock from the basement to your speakers.

Judge Gazza

Cigar box guitar blues with a voice like a freight train. 

Matthew Blake III and The Blues Dragons

Blues / Rock performance art. 

Participation Trophy

Young and angsty.   Playing the folk songs at punk speed that got you through the end of high school blues.


Summer Cult

Ambient acoustic folk music for the fan of lo-fi pop.  Beautiful vocal harmonies and catchy songwriting. 


Heavy doomy hardcore from Syracuse.

Shore Acres Drive

Ithaca NY’s version of modern day emo mixed with post-hardcore and pop.

Ronnie Crawford

A crooner from the 50’s who will sing of heartbreak that is as fresh as yesterday.


Surly Dylan Suttles

A lo-fi singer turned photographer.  Former front man of Summer Cult.

Matthew Blake III and The Blues Dragons

Blues / Rock performance art.